Technical Solutions

Technical Solutions

Myone operators are distinguished by technical solutions that make professionals’ work easy and guarantee maximum resistance and strength.


The carriages are made with high-performance materials, ensuring silence and stability, thanks to the two sliding wheels and the anti-derailment wheel. Height and depth can be adjusted with the door attachment bracket.

Cover with
automatic stop

Having an automatic stop means that the cover can be opened with a single movement to carry out maintenance or adjust the door settings easily.


The new cable guides keep the cables tidy within the operator. The quick-release clip system provides a handy way to insert or remove cables during maintenance.

door frames

The “straight cut” profiles enable the operator to assemble the frame quickly and easily without special tools. The M30 template was designed to carry out drilling and machining without the need for measuring instruments. Upon request, a configurator is available, which allows you to obtain the list of the components and the cutting sizes of the frame to realise.



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