Advanced Electronics

Advanced Electronics

Myone products have developed into a range of operators using unique and particularly innovative electronics. The various features have been extended to all models creating strategic uniformity as well as simplifying the professional’s work to install, wire and maintain the systems.

The wide-range switching power supply ensures greater energy efficiency and optimal operation at all times, especially if there are voltage peaks. The operator will work even during a power cut through the integrated battery charger board. The battery kit is inserted inside the operator ensuring a high level of aesthetic cleanness.

Every 24 hours the control unit performs a test to check the presence of the batteries and the level of charge; these checks make it possible to find and monitor any malfunctions.

There are many operating logics and customisable parameters. The self-calibration function makes installation easy, as the operating parameters are automatically adjusted during initial installation. Wiring is made even easier and more intuitive thanks to removable coloured terminal blocks.

The presence of a USB connector on the control unit makes it quick and easy to update the operator firmware, as well as enabling the installer to download data pertaining to operating parameters and log files describing errors onto a flash drive. Being able to download the operating parameters is very valuable if you want to copy the data used in a recent installation to another one . You just need to download the operating parameters and data using the flash drive and use them to program the new automatic door simply and immediately. The control unit also has a “menu protection” function which prevents third-party actions and tampering.



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