digitally controlled device

AQA is a digitally controlled device in a bus system that can be used as a normal selector to choose the work program of the automatic door, or as a real programmer to display and set the operator parameters without having to physically access the control unit, thus making the installation and testing of the automatic door easier.

Thanks to the backlit LCD display, the installer can set and change the operating parameters or carry out trouble-shooting. The device can be locked, to protect it from tampering by unauthorised users, and released using magnetic badges with NFC technology. AQA is compatible with all the operators in the Myone range.

product features

  • Digital device with a linear design for easy integration in any context, with small wall housing (12 mm deep)
  • 5 possible modes for operating the automatic door
  • Option to activate the device using password, transponder key with NFC technology. Two separate authorisations can be created to distinguish between the end user and the professional technician
  • Integrated card reader
  • Buzzer that sounds when buttons are pressed and settings accepted



Transponder card
with NFC technology.
- 10 piece pack



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